It was the pandemic situation that helped me to make the decision to record this CD, searching for possibilities to stay creative in a rather isolated environment.

During ten songs in percussion, you will be guided by the global tambor through this musical journey. The global tambor stands for the endless diversity of world percussion and its cultural contexts.

Rhythm and melody, represented by drums and voice, are the two essential elements in music. Rhythm to ground, unite and heal, to connect with the universe and the spirits. Melody is painted onto this foundation, tones woven into harmonies, colouring and enriching the listeners’ experience.

A storytelling in different languages and yet connected by the sound of the global tambor.

My gratitude goes to my musician friends who helped me to create this journey by contributing with their voices and instruments.

Thank you so much for making this possible!

Now I wish you - the listener - a pleasant trip with the global tambor, the songs in percussion!